Yes I love all things vintage.  I also love mixing vintage with modern as you can see in these blog posts about my vintage jewellery makes.  What I also love though is vintage cocktails.


Some of the best and most loved cocktails were created some time ago, they are not just vintage, they are timeless and classic.  They are tantalising and will have your palate tingling with delight.  The vintage cocktails below are amazing, they have stood the test of time and will most certainly be a hit this Christmas and New Year if you decide to get them a try.


Vintage Cocktail: Dry Martini

Dry Martini

A true vintage original.  The Dry Martini is a simple straightforward cocktail comprised of gin and dry vermouth.  It can be garnished with an olive or a lemon twist.



Vintage Cocktail: Manhattan

manhattan cocktail

Traditionally a Manhattan would have been made with rye whiskey however nowadays it is made with whatever whiskey you like or bourbon.  You will need whiskey, sweet vermouth, aromatic bitters and a Maraschino cherry for garnish.  Mix and serve.



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Vintage Cocktail: Old-fashioned

old fashioned cocktail

Image credit: Taste Cocktails

Simple to make yet a classic that is still favoured today.  The Old-fashioned is another vintage cocktail that is extremely easy to make but has a well-rounded flavour which is loved the world over.  You begin with bourbon, sugar, bitters and top off with a slice of orange.



Vintage Cocktail: Blood & Sand Cocktail


Image Credit: Taste Cocktails

Thought to have been created in the 1920’s, the Blood & Sand Cocktail is traditionally made with four ingredients consisting Scotch Whisky, Cherry Brandy, Sweet Vermouth and fresh orange juice.


Vintage Cocktail: Margarita


Image Credit: Taste Cocktails

One that most of us know about.  The classic recipe is straight-forward to make.  Tequila, triple sec, and lime juice and that is it a tasty Margarita. Nothing better than a traditional well made Margarita!


Vintage Cocktail: The Mojito


Not so much vintage as a true classic from the 1500s!  The Mojito is a very popular cocktail today and I can see why.  The perfect mojito is made with white rum, mint leaves, soda water, sugar and fresh lime juice.  A most popular drink that is truly elegant.



I really do hope you try one or more of these vintage cocktail ideas.  I have no doubt you will love them as much as those before you enjoyed making them and drinking them!




Want to know how to make the most delicious inspiring vintage cocktails? Head over to read how to make the likes of a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. A sure fire way to delight your guests.