So you want to get that vintage look?  If you are like me, you have a desire to add that touch of glamour in your day to day life especially in your home, then you will love some of the little decorating ideas below.


I continue to strive for that vintage charm and elegance at home to reflect my passion for all things vintage.


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Why Vintage?


For me vintage means quality, it means it was made with care and attention that mass produced cannot match.


For me it means history. Whatever the item it has been pre loved, it has been pre cherished. It is a key to the past with every item having its own history, quite often I won’t know the history of each item, but it is easy to be swept away to past times.


Vintage also means individualism. Most items are one offs or limited finds. There are so many different styles and beautiful flourishes to vintage items that our modern mass produced items just cannot come close.


If you want to create some vintage charm in your home you can do it a step at a time, it doesn’t have to be a full makeover, take your time to look at items and designs that you like also remember you can give a vintage piece a make-over too!  Whatever the item it can then become unique to you and your style.


I would recommend first of all to start small.  Instead of heading to a charity shop or looking online to purchase why not visit your parents or grandparents to see if they have anything they are looking rid of?  It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of furniture, picture frames, knickknacks can add so much and can be a focal point.


Get that Vintage Look


Adding Advertising Memorabilia to get that Vintage Look

Why not consider adding some advertising memorabilia to your kitchen or using old tea caddy’s for your plants?

I would highly recommend you visit your local charity shops, look on Gumtree or visit car boot sales which have sprung up all around the place.  Visiting these first off would be preferable to heading to your local antique shop as the prices there may put you off!

Just because some of your items are from different time periods, don’t be put off, I suggest you make a feature of putting them together, staging these beside each other in 3’s will show them off to their full potential.


Get that Vintage Look


Mixing Old with New to Get that Vintage Look

It is sometimes difficult to add vintage items to furniture that is new.  I recommend mixing the old with the new whenever you can.  For example using different chairs for your dining table by bringing in two or three vintage ones, this can make a stuffy dining room more relaxed and casual.  You can also add some vintage cushions to a new sofa.


Adding a Splash of Colour to Get that Vintage Look

What can be a little daunting at first is colour!  We are used to seeing modern clean lines and neutral colours today in our homes – I can still remember those television programmes telling me to ditch the colour and go neutral!  Be brave and be bold by adding some colour with the array of vintage items – especially those from the 50s with their pastel shades or the 70’s and their love for all things orange! If you already have furniture but it doesn’t match then why not consider painting it?  There are now such an array of paint out there that doesn’t require any sanding – that is such a bonus.


Get that Vintage Look

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So, start slowly and take it from there, one small change at a time.  I hope that this has inspired you and you will take the plunge in to adding some vintage glamour to your home, whatever you decide to do remember your home reflects you so just go for it and don’t be afraid.




Want to get that vintage look to your home? Head over to read my decorating hacks to help you achieve that vintage look without breaking the bank!



Who doesn’t love the vintage style? It’s the trend that seems to go on and on! However, buying genuine vintage items and vintage style handmade crafts isn’t always cheap, as such things are now so popular that they often come with a premium price tag attached. Luckily, there is a way you can vintage up your home without having to spend your life savings, and that is to create vintage looking pieces yourself. Read on to find out how.


Vintage Tea Cup Candles


Vintage teacup candles are an adorable craft that you can DIY in a single afternoon. Of course, it does mean you have to head out to the charity shop beforehand to find some vintage cups and saucers. Oh no! 😉 The good thing is that for these candles you will need singles of all different sizes, which are usually way cheaper to buy than full sets.


Once you have your cups and saucers at home, give them a thorough wash and leave to dry. Then it’s time to get on with making the candles. To make things easier, you can buy a kit which comes with everything you need. Although, don’t feel you have to as they are pretty simple to do from scratch too.


vintage tea cups


First, you will need to collect your resources, you will need wax, a wick, a wooden BBQ skewer, a glass bowl, and some paper to put over your work surface to protect it. For the wax, you can use the end of old candles or by some specifically for the job. Paraffin wax works well, although soy and beeswax are less toxic.

Tie the wick to the middle of the BBQ skewer. Then place it in the clean, dry tea cup at the bottom. You want the skewer to rest on the top of the cup and keep the wick upright as the candle sets. Then break up the wax and add the wax to a double boiler, that is a glass bowl over a pan of hot water. Allow the wax to melt and add colours and scents of your choice. Most folks use essential oils to scent their candles as they release their fragrance as the wax warms when the candle is burning.  Mix thoroughly and then carefully pour into your vintage tea cup, leaving it to set overnight. It’s that simple!




Vintage Boho Dream Catchers


For something with a vintage boho look why not make a pretty dream catcher or two? Luckily, these are super easy to make and then can really give a room a lift.


To start with, again, collect the materials and tools you will need. These include a wooden ring, a crochet doily, string or wool, and anything else you wish to use to decorate the project. Feathers, charms, small wooden letters and ribbon work well.


table cloth


Start with the ring, and take your doily, these are pretty easy to pick up in charity shops, or you can make your own by following the instructions here. You need to suspend the doily inside the ring so use the string to tie it on at equal points around the circle. Add a dab of hot glue on the back when you have the position right to keep it fixed.


Then create a hanging loop from string, ribbon, or yarn that you fix at the top centre of the ring. This will allow you to hang your vintage style dream catcher when it’s complete.


The next step is to add some string to the bottom of varying lengths. You can use ribbon, actual string, or yarn for this depending on the look that you want. You should also add things to the bottom of the strings like feathers and charms, giving it that boho feel.


Then it’s down to the really fun bit, where you can take your embellishments and add them whenever you want. If you can use a cordless glue gun for this. Like the one from Glue Guns Direct, as it can be a bit of a fiddly job getting right in there without getting the glue on anything else. Feel free to follow your own designs or add charms or letters along the side of the wooden ring. Leave it to dry overnight and then hand you creation with pride.


Vintage Style Bunting You Don’t Have To Sew!


shabby chic bunting


Lastly, a great vintage touch to any room or even outside for a garden party is bunting. You can, of course, buy this ready made, although the good stuff is expensive. You can also have a go at sewing it yourself, but if you are after the vintage look without being vintage yourself before you finish, why not follow this quick and easy guide instead?


The trick here is to use that iron on hem stuff called fusible webbing! It works like this:


First, chose some ribbon for the garland to be placed along. Grosgrain is often a good choice as it’s hardy and it gives that rustic vintage look.


Then pick out some fabric that you want to create your flags or shapes from. Here you can use scraps of vintage fabric, vintage style fabric or anything else you like really. Remember you can often buy packs of fabric for quilting that include small pieces of complimentary, but different designs which is great for this sort of activity.


Next, it’s time to make a stencil for your flags. Use a piece of thin card and draw out a triangle. Then cut it out and place over and pin to your piece of fabric. Use this as a template to cut around, and repeat until you have enough to fill your garland.


Then next step is to rough out where each flag will go. Make sure that you have the same distance between each one or things with look weird.


Then start fixing the flags to the ribbon with the fusible webbing. Just apply this to the top edge of the flag, place over the ribbon, fold over and iron on. You flags should then be secure and use some scissors to neaten up any rough or overlapping edges.


Continue this all the way along the ribbon until you have not more flags and there you have it. Your very own no sew vintage style bunting. Ready to hang wherever you see fit.


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vintage decor ideas

These simple tips can help you achieve a vintage look in your home. Featuring handmade vintage tea cup candles, shabby chic bunting to name but a few. Head over to my blog to read more.



You may have noticed that retro home styles have made a real comeback in recent years. Some people have gone full-on retro and transformed a room or even an entire house whereas others have simply incorporated retro elements within their interior layout. Below we take a look at some fascinating retro ideas and trends from Tilesporcelain that will hopefully provide you with plenty of inspiration for your next project.


Come Dine with me

Come Dine with me

This 1950’s inspired Diner is certainly an example of an interior which is full on Retro! From the classic black and white tiled chequered floor to the vintage Coca Cola lamp shade suspended from the ceiling this design pays homage to a bygone era in stunning fashion. The king himself – Elvis Presley – also features prominently on both the pool table and wall pictures. The retro theme continues with red and white leather seated booths and bar stools. Even contemporary features like a flat screen TV and ceiling skylights complement the overall layout particularly well, after all – where would be without a few mod cons?


Work in Style


Work In Style


Already have a home office which is in need of an update or looking to convert a spare bedroom in to a workspace? A retro look like this will certainly provide a unique style! One of the great things about retro decors is the uncluttered simplicity of it all. With desk space and storage in abundance this retro home office combines both good looks and practicality. The wallpaper provides a fresh backdrop with the lamp shade offering a classic retro feel. The great thing about light wood furnishings is that they are equally well suited to more contemporary layouts so even if you change your design theme the furniture can stay!


Retro With Metro

Retro with Metro Tiles

Metro Brick Tiles are the centrepiece of many retro deigns and were first installed in New York Subway stations throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. The metro style has grown to become one of the most recognised wall coverings in the world. You will have no doubt seen metro tiles in bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and shops – they are literally everywhere! This particular design sees the tiles arranged in a less familiar pattern opposed to the traditional brick effect formation. We actually think it looks really, really cool and adds a contemporary twist to something which is so classically retro.


Reclaim A Classic Look

Natural Wood Cladding

Natural Wood cladding has taken the interior design world by storm in 2017. From home interiors to shops and bars – a much loved wood finish is being seen more and more these days. Among the influx of new products, Genuine Reclaimed Timber Cladding has proven to be a massive hit. It has a retro appeal and features multiple colours. Not only is it selected for wall designs but can also be applied to ceilings. The randomised formation and colour scheme provides a rustic character and produces a distinctive appearance which transforms interior designs.


Shape Your Design

Shape Pattern Tiles

Many classic retro designs have been built around the use of simple shapes and colours. Geometric shapes work perfectly within a retro décor with this diamond pattern creating a sharp and defined look. These tiles are well suited to a bathroom or kitchen in which they provide a retro backsplash. Even if the rest of your interior is more on the minimalistic side of things, a design like this can add a unique feature and welcome contrast. Products like this offer a simple way of incorporating a classy retro element within your overall home design without going completely over the top.


Convert to retro

Retro Loft Conversion

Whether you have already converted your loft and are looking for a change in direction when it comes to your style, or you are considering converting your current loft into a liveable space then it gives you a great excuse to be a bit creative. This design combines both rustic and retro aspects. In fact you could say its vintage, shabby chic and retro all rolled in to one! It just goes to show that combining various design themes can work to great effect. The use of large glass windows really opens out the space and helps to accentuate the numerous features which make up this highly inventive layout.


Come Dine with me

Retro Chair

This round ball chair is absolute classic retro. Just imagine how cool you would look sitting in your little pod of comfort watching the TV! It is popular for apartments, particularly those with an open plan layout. It doesn’t have to be chosen specifically for a retro décor either as it also complements popular contemporary features like wood flooring and neutral wall colours. Ok, so admittedly it is very Austin Powers and might.


Sofa So Good

Retro Sofa

You’ve seen the type of retro chair which is proving to be a big hit in 2017 but what about a sofa? Well, once again this one will undoubtedly divide opinion! One thing you can’t deny is that it makes a real statement and catches your attention straight away. The sloped back is quirky to say the least and the green colour has a real vintage appeal. It makes a change from the beige, cream, grey and brown fabric sofas which are so prevalent in today’s market. Combining it with other green features is a good move as it really brings the whole concept together.


Come Dine with me

Simple Retro Design

Why not choose a piece of vintage retro furniture to add a classic feel to your home interior? Stylish cabinets like this one have proven very popular this year. This design demonstrates how retro can be both minimalist and vibrant, with the mirror adding a standout feature. The combination of plain colours produces a fresh and welcoming appeal. A décor like this captures the true meaning of retro with a simple and laidback vibe. It’s undoubtedly a case of less is more when it comes to this trendy layout.


Come Dine with me

Retro Patterned Wallpaper

A funky pattern like this retro version can really bring a bedroom décor to life. Although neutral themes in bedrooms are still very popular, 2017 has seen a re-emergence in more colourful designs like this one. This retro wallpaper produces a decorative style and can even work well within modern designs. The shaped uniformed pattern and multiple colours create a trendy appearance. This print wallpaper provides a modern twist on what was a very popular style in the 1950’s and 1960’s. If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom design then it is certainly worth considering a retro feature wall.


Come Dine with me

Retro Wall Tiles

Spot patterns are an integral part of many retro decors – it is no surprise either as it was a staple of high street fashion and home interior designs throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. This spot wall feature which combines bright and bold colours is a great example of a retro style being reinvented for the 21st century. These glossy wall tiles are well suited to porches, hallways and kitchens. A design like this really characterises that particular period in time, showcasing its vibrancy to great effect.


Come Dine with me

Pop Art

Pop art is retro gold and it’s great to see so many iconic designs which have taken inspiration from this movement coming back in to fashion. This classy statement piece can be used as a backsplash in a kitchen so it is therefore both functional and stylish. Once again, the use of bold colours against a plain backdrop really helps to accentuate the designs and creates a standout feature. Influential American artist Andy Warhol was at the forefront of the pop art scene and this might not be the last time you hear about him in this list.


Come Dine with me

Retro Carpet

Creating a retro feel can sometimes be as simple as adding just one or two elements. In this case the snazzy carpet and chair combo transform an otherwise plain contemporary setting in to a retro paradise! The colourful zigzag pattern is rather psychedelic in its appearance and produces a unique feature floor. Rugs and carpets are not only great for adding style but are also practical as they provide comfort and warmth when walking in bare feet – something which the hippies did a lot of back in the day!


Come Dine with me

Retro Fridge

2016 was certainly a great year for companies which specialise in retro fridges and 2017 is proving to be no different. The reason for this sudden desire among people to have a retro fridge in their kitchen could be down to a number of things. Firstly, retro fridges are now available in more colours and styles than ever before. They are ideal for modern kitchen layouts. Also, these fridges are often large with a decent sized freezer compartment so are therefore highly practical and popular among families. Lastly, excuse the pun but they happen to look pretty cool don’t they?


Come Dine with me

Marilyn Monroe Art

I did say earlier on that there would be more Pop Art and Andy Warhol to come. Andy would often create pieces which would feature famous celebrities of the time. Few were more famous than Marilyn Monroe and following her death in 1962, Warhol created one of his most memorable artworks named ‘Marilyn Diptych’. This poster is not an exact replica of that particular piece but carries a similar theme. If you are looking to add a retro style for a low cost and minimal hassle then there are loads of Pop Art posters – like this – to choose from. You could even frame the poster to help it stand out more.


Come Dine with me

Retro Oven

If you are after a retro item that not only looks the part but also serves a purpose then a retro oven should be high on your list. Retro ovens provide modern kitchens with a unique feature and combine well with popular colours like black, white and brown. Even if you have opted for a more contemporary style kitchen, an oven like this will provide a trendy retro element which is sure to impress your guests. This turquoise variety is classic retro but there are also many different colours to choose from. In addition to conventional ovens, retro Aga cookers are also available on the market.


Come Dine with me

Retro Wall and Floor Tiles

This is a great example of a retro style which really flows throughout an interior as a result of a matching wall and floor design. The retro patterned tiles have a decorative appearance which creates a stunning bathroom feature. A décor like this is not only well suited to standard bathrooms but is also great for en suite and wet room layouts. With its bold colour scheme and intricate shaped formations this feature-length design certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to creating a standout retro masterpiece. Even the light shade has a retro element which we think complements the overall design rather nicely.


Come Dine with me

Bright Wall Design

Okay, so it’s not exactly subtle is it? But this bright and colourful feature wall is guaranteed to have retro enthusiasts drooling. With its classic geometric design and multitude of bright colours it produces a stunning focal point which you simply can’t ignore. What’s equally impressive about this layout is the contrast in styles and how the minimalistic, monochrome interior enables the wall to stand out even more. We’re not sure if it comes with a pair of sunglasses but what we do know is that if you choose a design like this for your living room then you certainly can’t be accused of playing it safe.


Come Dine with me

Retro Lights

So far in 2017 we’ve seen more and more interesting ways in which retro aspects can be incorporated within a modern décor. These hanging ceiling lights and matching basins produce a distinctive retro style. Brick walls, white surfaces and chrome taps are very much in at the moment but the introduction of these primary colours actually provides a trendy contrast and a break from the norm. The light helps to accentuate the bright colours extremely well and produces a unique bathroom feature. Designs similar to this are noticeable throughout many city centre bars and restaurants in which a contemporary décor with a splash of retro seems to be the way forward.


Come Dine with me

Retro Radio

Retro gadgets and accessories are always going to be a sought after option and it is no surprise to see so many Retro Radios about these days. Combining a popular trend with something that is also functional is always a good idea and there are a lot of modern digital radios on the market which have a retro style and are a perfect addition to your kitchen, conservatory, lounge or living room interior. We think they look great and if you too are already on the same wavelength then I’m sure the next time you buy a radio it might just be a retro one.


Come Dine with me

Retro Drawers

I think this is what you can call retro/contemporary. This design has a modern feel but a retro charm certainly runs throughout. The drawers have quite a shabby chic appeal but the cabinet itself is classically retro with its thin legs – there’s even a retro style radio for added character! An amalgamation of different styles has proven to be really big in 2017 and this décor proves that a stylish layout is easy to achieve when an effective colour scheme is found. It’s another example of how not overcomplicating a design but instead taking a simplified approach can be the key to success.


Come Dine with me

Retro Foot Stool

There’s nothing better after a long day than to put your feet up and relax, and a retro foot stool like this will certainly enable you to unwind in style. A zigzag pattern is classic retro and this particular foot stool is perfect for modern interiors and matches really well with popular wooden floors. Regardless of the sofa you have opted for a retro foot stool is a quirky addition and complements brown leather and cream fabric. If you want a retro foot stool which blends in more with your overall décor, there are plenty of options out there in a variety of styles and colours.


Come Dine with me

Retro Curtains

These curtains provide a classy retro style with a shape print pattern and popular blue and white colour combination. Within a design like this the obvious choice of curtain may involve other neutral colours like cream or grey but sometimes being a bit adventurous really pays off and this is certainly the case with this décor. This layout proves that adding a retro element to your home interior does not have to be overcomplicated or expensive as there are some very high quality readymade retro curtains available at a low price. You could say that retro curtains like these will really bring your design together!


Come Dine with me

Retro Toaster

If you have been intrigued so far about what we’ve had to say about retro trends in 2017 and want a slice of the action yourself, then why not consider a retro toaster? Warm toast with a hot mug of coffee is a great way to start the day and having a toaster with style may even make those early mornings a little bit easier, well okay I might be spreading it on a bit thick now. However, we think it looks really cool, particularly with the accompanying retro tiffin carrier although it could be considered a lot like marmite; you either love it or you hate it.


Come Dine with me


Retro Door


In 2017 we’ve certainly witnessed a new opening in the retro door market. As one door closes another one opens as they say and maybe consumers are beginning to shut out modern designs in favour of retro trends. With its glass panels and peach colour you could unlock the potential of your home with a retro door like this. Retro doors are available in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes so there’s a good chance you will find the perfect one for your next renovation.


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There are 25 awesome retro home ideas to view.  If you need decor inspiration with a retro or vintage feel, head over now for inspiration.

Pretty Pintastic Party


The choices you make when it comes to upgrading your home will always depend on when you bought your house. If you’ve bought a home with original features, you’re likely going to be facing the retro look of times gone by, with terracotta tiles mixed with mint green accents – never a good look!



vintage bathroom

There are some bathrooms that never go out of style and as the bathroom is usually the last room in the house to be changed due to its size, you’re going to have fun redoing it. If you have a bathroom with clean lines, white tiling and a white bathroom suite, you’re likely to spend time just updating the additions like photos, bathroom mats and towels.


A white bathroom is always really easy to accessorise. If you’re facing a bathroom that you think is out of date, don’t give up on it just yet. The vintage look is absolutely in right now, but that does mean you have to settle for swirly patterned carpet and raspberry tiles!


There are so many ways you can update your bathroom, no matter the size of it and it’s all going to depend on what you want to see when you walk in. You don’t have to remodel the whole thing, but if you do want to pull out the bath that is against the wall and add a claw-footed tub with freestanding taps, check out the options for pipes with Drainage Superstore and get some advice on what you need! If you want to achieve a vintage look, why not check out our tips for success:


Check Your Fixtures

An older bathroom has a charm that takes you through time, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep hold of the old, leaky faucets! Sconces that are out of date are also not a good feature. Changing the faucets on your sink or bath can make a huge difference to the entire look of a bathroom and these vintage fixtures could be the perfect change. Older tiles ooze sophistication and history, so don’t start digging them off the walls if you can help it. It’s different if they’re peeling or chipping, but if you paint the cabinets and walls to make the tiles pop, you’ll do the bathroom a world of good.


vintage style tap

Image Source

Look Alive

A bathroom is used for showering and, well, toileting. But that doesn’t mean it cannot look beautiful and full of life. Add wallpaper, curtains and a pretty ceiling fixture to make the whole room stand out. Never be afraid to try out daring ideas in the bathroom. Sometimes the ideas you’d have wouldn’t suit a larger room but are perfect for a bathroom.


Embrace The Colour

A vintage, older bathroom can have pretty intense colours and the combination of those can be a little sore on the eye. If you don’t want to fully remodel the bathroom, learn to work with the colours and embrace them. Garish colours don’t have to be ugly – especially if you know how to accessorise correctly! If you accent the brighter colours with toned down towels in plain white, you can take the focus away from the brightness and add a little bit of balance.


Be Artful

Every bathroom needs a little talking point to make it feel homely. A perfectly placed piece of vintage artwork like this can make the whole room come to life, no matter how small it may be. Your bathroom can be the little room in the house but it doesn’t mean it can’t be big in décor and colour. It’s all about how you want your bathroom to feel and if your personality is splashed in the rest of the home, why not the bathroom, too?


vintage bathroom

Image Source

Beautiful Furniture

Pretty vanity units, shower screens and storage can change how a bathroom looks. Choosing shabby chic units and a squashy armchair – if you have the space – is always a great idea to make the bathroom look vintage. Adding pretty touches like silk flowers in jugs and a selection of toiletries can really make it pop.


How you choose to update your bathroom is always going to depend on how it looks to start. There are so many beautiful bathroom ideas out in the world but the best ones are those that you can come up with yourself. Home interior design is all about personality and it’s your opportunity to get creative and make something new that is different from what you find on websites like this one. Find something beautiful and make it your home.



vintage bathroom ideas




Playing around with interior design and decorating your home is such a fun process. Most of the time, when you move into somewhere new, you want to be able to add your own stamp. When you love all things vintage, you can often find the task harder than others. But, the good news is, it’s actually quite easy to make your home a vintage haven. Even if you’ve just bought your first house and it’s brand new for you, you can easily give it a retro edge with a few simple styling tips.


vintage radio

Image Source

  1. Putting Up Wallpaper


In each room, the largest focal point is often the walls. So if you’re looking to make a big vintage statement, they’re a good place to start. It’s not always that easy to create a retro look with color alone, so wallpaper can often come in handy. There are so many vintage wallpaper prints that are available to you. Simply take a look online or in your nearest DIY style and see which pattern is the perfect one for you and the new vintage-inspired home you’re putting together.


  1. Using Vintage Tableware


One of the most vintage finds you’ll spot almost everywhere is tableware. Not only will you find cool retro china in almost every second-hand store or at every flea market, but you can often find cool cutlery too. If you want to give a real vintage edge to your dining room and kitchen, buy mismatched. It’s very rare to be able to find sets that all match, but you can often create a cool and quirky look with buying lots of different pieces and using them all together.


  1. Picking A Coloured Suite


When you look back at vintage decor trends, you’ll always find colored bathroom suites. In today’s modern world, we prefer to have a brilliant white bathroom suite that looks fresh and clean. But, way back when, they loved to go for color. So, in keeping with the trend, you might want to opt for something colorful when you’re putting in a new bathroom suit. Olive green and blush pink are just some of the styles used, but you might even want a pop of blue or a bit of orange to brighten things up.


  1. Upgrading The Exterior


Giving your home a retro edge doesn’t just apply to your interiors. Sometimes, you need to edit the exteriors in order to ensure the house is truly in keeping with your vintage style. This might not be easy if you own a new build, but if your home is old, it can be a lot of fun. Whether you choose to treat the old windows and doors you have or buy some vintage options, you’re also going to need to make sure that you look after them properly to make sure they last.


  1. Choosing Colours Wisely


When it comes to retro design, color in a room makes a whole lot of difference. Vintage trends aren’t awful understated. Whether you want to go with the swinging sixties or elegant forties, you’re going to want to make sure your color palette follows suit. From soft furnishings and carpet colors to furniture and even woodwork, you’re going to want to choose the colors that work well together and still give off the right retro vibe.


vintage photographs

Image Source



  1. Restoring Old Furniture


Trying to achieve a vintage look isn’t that easy when you’re working with new furniture. So, instead of heading to Ikea to buy new bits of your home, go online instead. It helps to be able to keep everything in the style of the era you’re looking to channel. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be any old, broken down thing and be happy with it. Instead, you should fit it up. Take a look on Pinterest for inspiration, grab some paint and Kenyon Adhesives and start fixing that baby up.


  1. Using Retro Appliances


In your kitchen, you can actually work wonders by blending the old with the new. There are so many brands that style kitchen appliances and goods in vintage ways, that you don’t always have to buy vintage. Smeg and KitchenAid are just two brands that let you create cool and quirky vintage looks with their fridge and mixing machine looks. Combined with clever decor and the odd vintage appliance for decoration, they could give you the look of your dreams.


  1. Being Clever With Decor


Then, you’re also going to want to shop smart when it comes to the decorative items you have in your home. In the olden days, ornaments and decor were a big part of the overall home design. Pieces were either sentimental or for show. So, if you want the right retro look, you’re going to need to get your decorations on point. There are so many ways you can achieve a modern version of retro decor too. With vintage picture frames or even a bar cart in the corner, you’re one step closer to vintage heaven.


  1. Stripping It All Back


It’s also important to remember that most retro designs were relatively basic and stripped back. A lot of the time, people didn’t have an awful lot to show off, so they kept their homes functional and practical. Depending on the period you’re looking to channel, you may want to ensure that your design is quite minimal in nature. Sometimes, your furniture and room decor can say it all.


  1. Tweaking Each Room


Once you’ve got the basics of your decor down, you’re going to want to be able to ensure that every room looks as it should. Whether you’re trying to style a bathroom or conservatory, you should focus on one room at a time in order to get it right. When you take on too much, you can often confuse matters and make the design look a little all over the place. Sometimes, a little goes a long way, and that can certainly be the case when it comes to vintage home decor.