If you are a budding wedding photographer and you’ve been asked by your best friend to take their wedding photos then these tips are for you on wedding photography!  It can be a daunting task taking wedding photos as it’s not something that you can do all over again the next day.  So here are 10 tips on wedding photography to help you.


wedding photgraphy

Tip 1:

Learn the basis of your camera and wedding style.  Visit websites and see how other photographers are doing it.  See what appeals to you.  Of course you can put your own spin on it but why not learn from others when trying to find your own style?


Tip 2:

Plan, plan and plan some more!  Don’t just go on the day and expect to go with the flow of what is happening.  Weddings need to be planned and you need to be prepared.  Go to the venue in advance, see where the best place to take photos is, who needs to be in the photos, what happens if it rains.  Planning will ensure you get all the important shots.


Tip 3:

Ask your client what they want.  What group shots do they want – this is important in case there are some guests who don’t talk to each other!  After all it’s their day so make sure you get what they want.


Tip 4:

Know the schedule for the day.  You may need to go to different places for photos so plan your route and how quickly you can get there.  You need to be in the right place at the right time.


wedding photography

Tip 5:

Consider your family compositions beforehand.  After talking to your client and you find out what they want and what group photos they require consider your compositions and how you will fit everyone in.  At the same time consider more relaxed compositions too.


Tip 6:

Direct your subjects.  Don’t be afraid to tell your subjects where to stand and what to do!  Giving direction and being firm will make sure the photographing goes smoothly and gives them confidence in your ability.


Tip 7:

Tell your clients about Wedding Photo Swap.  Which allows all photos taken at their wedding to be collected and shared via an app.  This will give them a live feed of photos of the important day and make even more special memories.


Tip 8:

Pre-set your camera to ensure you are capturing the best high resolution photos you can and consider taking your photos in RAW format.  This will allow you to make adjustments later on if you haven’t captured the moment perfectly.


wedding photography

Tip 9:

Use the camera you are familiar with.  If you use one that is new to you, you may find that your photos are not what you expected.  If you do get a new camera make sure you practice beforehand to get used to it.


Tip 10:

Back up your photos.  Do this several times during the day.  Change memory cards often and keep them in a safe place.


wedding photography


Above all have fun on the day, after all you are capturing treasured memories of a wedding.  Embrace the day and smile when you are doing it too.



Want to know how to take wedding photographs?  These tips will help you if you have been asked to take wedding photos for the first time.  #wedding #photography



Spring is certainly in the air this week at least!  With Spring comes the start of the wedding season.  Of course when you are invited to a wedding the first thought is wonderful, followed by a dread of figuring out what to wear.  Especially during Spring.  So here are my suggestions on what you could wear to a beautiful Spring wedding no matter what the weather.


Choose a Prom Style Dress

While most weddings are semi-formal it is always nice to choose something that is a little more flowing and below the knee.  Prom dresses are the answer.  They come in stunningly beautiful fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin or even taffeta.  Prom style dresses also make you feel beautiful too!  You can choose your prom dress easily with Prom Dress Finder!


prom dress

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight



Opt for a Jumpsuit

If you’re not a dress kind of girl then why not opt for a stunning jump suit instead?  Don’t be wriggling about in a dress if it’s not for you.  This stunningly beautiful jumpsuit from Phase Eight is ideal for a Spring wedding and will certainly transcend the wedding so you an use it time and time again.  It’s also extremely flattering and very easy to wear too!


Phase Eight Jump Suit

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight



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Invest in a piece of clothing you will reuse

There really is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on a piece of clothing you will only wear once.  Think about what you currently wear and how.  Invest in a piece of clothing that will last you time and time again.  Also consider separate pieces too so you can mix and match at a later date.



Phase Eight Jacket

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight



Colours & Fabric

Try your best to stick to plain colours and fabrics that are lightweight rather than bulky as this will avoid wrinkles!  Also remember to avoid white – after all it’s what the bride will be wearing.  Plain colours are also best just in case you spot someone with the same outfit.  Doesn’t look as bad if your outfit is a plain colour!



Phase Eight dress

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight


Don’t Forget the Accessories

A great excuse to say something with a statement necklace especially if your outfit is a block colour.  Statement pieces are fantastic to add a splash of colour.  They can also be fun and add texture to your outfit.  This Bella Flower Necklace is stunning for that very occasion.


phase eight necklace

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight


Get Your Shoes Right

Of course heels will look lovely.  However, what happens if you have to hang around for a while before the reception?  I recommend you pack a pair of dress comfortable flats which you can tuck in your bag to switch easily.  They will also be great if you plan on dancing the night away too!


phase eight flat shoes

Photo courtesy of Phase Eight



I hope these tips help you decide on what to wear to a wedding whether that is in Spring or any other time of the year.  I’d love to know what you think of these tips.




Need help choosing the right outfit for a wedding? These tips will help you look amazing, comfortable and stylish. #wedding #outfit #fashion

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Mixing the old with the new,  Reusing a Vintage Necklace

Mixing the old with the new can give you a fantastic look.  Here I have used a vintage faux pearl necklace and teamed it up with a vintage brooch  This makes a stunning necklace which is  handmade, re-used and re-purposed vintage piece. It is such a great look. The necklace is 26 inches in length.


Vintage necklace

Vintage necklace

Vintage necklace

So why buy vintage?
For me vintage means quality, it means it was made with care and attention that mass produced cannot match.

For me it means history. Whatever the item it has been pre loved, it has been pre cherished. It is a key to the past with every item having it’s own history and every vintage item particularly the older pieces have a beautiful romanticism about them, quite often we won’t know the history of each item, but it is easy to be swept away to past times .

For me it means individualism. Most items are one offs or limited finds. There are so many different styles and beautiful flourishes to vintage items that our modern mass produced items just cannot come close.

To purchase this necklace visit my shop here.


How Rituals Can Ground You

I don’t know about you but my life really does seem to have increased in speed. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  Which is why I often remind myself of what Gandhi said “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

What can often allow me to slow down and re-connect is the rituals I have built up when making tea.  The ritual of starting with watching the water boil – yes I know strange but watching water boil is just fantastic.  Through to pouring the tea in the cup and sitting down and taking some time to concentrate on the taste and the aroma through to imagining if vintage items could talk what would they say!

So that is just one of my many rituals, feel free to use it or share your own.