Essential Issues To Consider Before Buying A Vintage Car

October 10, 2018admin
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When embracing a vintage lifestyle, it can be very tempting to allow this to spill over into the mode of transportation that you choose. In fact, there are a plethora of gorgeous vintage cars out there (25-50 years old) and some wonderful antique ones as well (50+). However, before you make your purchase, it’s a good idea to consider all the issues involved. Something that my post below can help you with.  


Pro – could be free from road tax


One great thing about buying a vintage car is that if it was built in 1973 or beforehand, you could be eligible for an exemption on UK road tax. A benefit that could save you a decent amount, usually from around 800- 2000, depending on your vehicle!


Con – costly to buy and run


However, older cars can vary widely in price and be costly to run as well. The price fluctuation is usually based on two things, the popularity of the vehicle, and what condition is in.


In fact, you can often pick up a vehicle for a bargain price when they are in poor condition. Of course, this is because many will take years of dedicated work and a considerable amount of money to restore to a usable state.


A more practical option is to buy a classic car that it’s already in a usable condition, although the price is likely to be higher. Luckily, though there are websites where you can compare the best auto loan rates to help you buy such a vehicle. Something that should ensure you aren’t paying a high return on your interest and can help to make the whole thing more affordable.


Of course, you also have to factor in the running costs of an older vehicle as well, something that can be expensive. After all, such cars are unlikely to have decent fuel economy as compared to modern cars. Also run the risk of the breaking down more often and needing specialist work or parts to get them up and running again. Something that it is well worth thinking about before you go down this route.

You could buy a car and then decide to get rid of it because it is too expensive, you can do this by selling on and the perfect place could be online at We Buy Junk Cars Fast this is a great option a it takes all the hassle out of it for you.

Pro –  immersive vintage style


Now, for many people, the trade-off between this additional maintenance cost is one that is worth it because it allows them to have a fully immersive vintage experience in their lives.


Just imagine running up to the Goodwood Revival Festival in your very own shiny vintage car? For many, this is motivation enough to work through the harder aspects of classic car ownership.



Con – less safe


Lastly, before you poem for a vintage car as your family vehicle, it is essential to consider safety. This is because older vehicles often do not benefit from the safety features we have come to regard as standards. What this means is that they don’t have crumple zones, roll bars, airbags, or ABS brakes.


Obviously, this is something that could have a significant effect on the driver and passengers if there were to be involved in an accident. Therefore it’s crucial that you think about this carefully before making your purchase. Especially if you plan to run your car all the time as your primary family vehicle.


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