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Road trips are a lot of fun when done right. You can travel to wherever along the back roads and highways, window open and hair billowing in the breeze. It’s such a picturesque idea that almost everyone likes to take the challenge on, and it means you can be away from home for a very long time.


However, road trips are particularly good for a person who hasn’t really been away from home before, and wants to open up a good portion of the world because of it. Yes, this post is talking to everyone who’s a little ambivalent about getting on a plane. Once you’ve mastered being able to live on the road, it’s time to head off to a new life full of adventure. Here’s a few reasons why that is.


road trips


You’re Totally in Control


If you’re the one behind the wheel, then you’re the captain in the cockpit. And that means you’re in full control of the way you get transported, and you can make detours or change your mind at any time. Because of that, you can feel a lot freer when you’re travelling, as well as a lot safer, and you can easily build up your confidence.


You’ve also got somewhere to sleep and eat and retreat to if you don’t have a hotel or hostel nearby to check into. The car can be heated and locked, so little chance of you freezing slowly or waking up to someone opening the door on you! And once you have woken up, you can easily be on your way again in a matter of moments.


It’s Easier to Get Covered


When it comes to travelling far and wide, there’s a lot of insurance options out there that can complicate the whole affair. And as a total novice jetsetter, you’re not going to want to head off to the other side of the world without some coverage over your head. However, if you’re road tripping instead, you’ve already got some insurance on your side to keep you safe.


Using your car to travel works wonders for saving money on an extensive policy, but you need to make sure you’re going to stay covered as long as you’re away. Head here to compare car insurance options if you’re a first time driver as well as a first time traveller, and want to use your car for all it’s worth. Similarly, some providers out there don’t like it if you’re heading off to another country, so never work on assumptions. If they don’t, you’re going to need to pay extra to extend that protection (or simply relocate your road trip to somewhere closer to home).


It’s Still Challenging


Being able to stay in control of a car on roads you don’t know in a place you’re not native to is going to be difficult. Road trips are a lot more fun because of the lack of guidance involved; no thanks package holidays!


Road trips offer what everyone wants from holidays!

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