Staying Safe on the Road This Winter

November 4, 2019admin
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Winter driving can be tricky. The weather is unpredictable, roads can be icy, or slippery from rain, and visibility is often poor. Roads are also likely to be busier, as more people take to their cars instead of walking in bad weather, and as people drive more slowly in an attempt to keep themselves safe. Reports show that there are more accidents on roads in the colder months. 


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drive or that you should be scared of being on the road. If you drive for work or face a long commute, you might not be able to avoid driving. But, it does mean that you should be careful and take precautions. Here are some of the things that you can do to stay safe on the road this winter



Refresh Your Driving Skills


Most drivers, if they are honest, would admit that over time, bad habits have set in. When we first learn to drive, we are careful, we do everything that we have been taught, and we take our time, obeying the laws of the road. But, over time, we start to cut corners and rush. 


In winter, this can be a mistake. If you are worried about your bad driving habits, book some refresher lessons. Or, at least try to become more aware of how you are driving, and practice any skills that you may have forgotten. 


Change Your Tyres


You might not think that snow tyres are essential if you live in an urban area, and it never really snows that much. But, swapping to winter tyres can increase grip, and help you to avoid sliding in wet weather and on ice, not just snow. 


Add Safety Features


Many driving businesses use fleet management software to help their vehicles and drivers to stay safe on the roads. Adding security features and dash cams for increased safety. These additions don’t just apply to commercial cars and larger vehicles. Add a dash cam to help protect yourself on the road. 


Give Yourself Plenty of Time


Often the key to staying safe on the roads during winter and in periods of especially poor weather is giving yourself more time. Leave earlier than you would usually, and you won’t be tempted to rush. 


Give yourself plenty of time to make even short journeys, and you’ll be able to drive slowly, taking your time to brake slowly and corner carefully. Sensible driving is the best thing that you can do to keep yourself safe. 


Check the Roads Before You Drive


Before you set off, even on journeys that you do regularly, check the route. Have a look at a live map to check for traffic, to see if any roads have been closed and diversions put in place, and to make an alternative plan, in case your route is blocked or very slow. When the weather is terrible, take the time to prepare for every journey, and you’ll stay safe. 


Travel with Supplies


Hopefully, nothing will go wrong. But, the last thing that you want is to find yourself broken down in bad weather, in the middle of nowhere, waiting in the cold to be picked up. Make sure you travel with snacks and drinks, a well-charged phone, emergency contact numbers, waterproofs, and blankets. Just in case. 

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