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I don’t know about you but I really want the summer to be here!  However, in preparation for the sun making an appearance some time soon I thought I would share with you 13 fashion hacks to keep you looking and feeling cool this summer.  They are things that I’m going to be doing.

fashion hacks to keep you cool this summer


1. Wear loose clothing:  There is nothing worse that being hot and have fabric so tight you can hardly breathe.  So my first fashion hack to keep you cool this summer is to wear loose clothing so it swings around you.  For example a floaty maxi dress will do more for you than a tight pair of shorts.


2Add jewellery to your existing wardrobe.  Adding key pieces of jewellery will help you elevate your wardrobe without adding bulk or other items that might have you heating up too much. Head over to Carus Jewellery for a stunning selection of jewellery at fantastic prices if you are looking for inspiration.


3. Wear a light cotton bra.  Another fashion hack to keep you cool this summer is to wear a light cotton bra.  I recommend you leave the padded bra in the drawer otherwise your boobs will be sweating like mad!  Honestly, I’ve been there.  Cotton bras are the way to go if you want to feel cool this summer.


4.  Cotton is your friend. Cotton is more breathable than other fabrics so it’s great to keep you cool this summer.  It also means it won’t cling to you if you do sweat a little.  So remember another fashion hack to keep cool this summer is cotton, cotton and more cotton!


5. Stay clear of embellished fabrics. You need to leave the embellished items for another day my friend! Embellishments can often make your garment feel heavier and cling to you more.  Opt for adding interest to your outfit another way.


fashion hacks to keep you cool this summer



6. Hats aren’t just for winter. Wide-brimmed hats are your friend in the summer.  It keeps the suns rays away from your head and face and it can keep them away from your shoulders too. There are so many to choose from so have fun.


7. Go for single layered dresses. Another great fashion hack to stay cool this summer is to ditch the double layered dresses, skirts and jackets.  Instead go for single layer which will allow your skin to breath during the hot summer days.  For example these lovely dresses are ideal an maxi dresses are perfect too.


8. Choice of handbag can make all the difference. This one really does work – honestly.  Opt for a smaller cross your body bag as it doesn’t feel as heavy on you as a larger bag would.  It also distributes the weight more evenly so you don’t end up sweating a large amount in one place!


9. Find the shade. We all know that too much direct sunlight is bad for us.  It’s bad for our skin in so many ways.  Opt to find the shade and stay out of the direct sunlight.  This will keep you cool too.


fashion hacks to keep you cool this summer


10.  Opt  for light coloured fabrics.  Did you know that the darker the fabric in colour the more it absorbs the heat?  Well it’s true so opt for light colours which reflect the light and keep you cool.


12.  Minimal jewellery works best.  The last thing I need in the heat is jewellery dangling all over the place and causing me to itch!  Another fashion hack to stay cool in the summer is to keep jewellery to a minimum.  Light jewellery works best for your skin and won’t put pressure on your garments.


12.  Keep your hair back from your face.  Opt for a fashion scarf to keep your hair away from your face.  It will also absorb any sweat.  You could also use a fabric hairband too for the same purpose.


13.  Be prepared for the wind and rain.  It would be foolish of me not to mention the wind and rain that comes with the summer weather in GB.  So be prepared.  Buy yourself a lightweight waterproof jacket, and carry an umbrella with you at all times – probably a windproof umbrella would be best!

These are just some of my fashion hacks to keep you cool this summer.  I’d love to know if you have any additional ones?  Let me know below.


These fashion hacks will help you cope with summer and still be fashionable. Keep cool this summer with these fashion hacks #fashion #summer #styling

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