Vintage Fashion: Learning about 1950s Fashion

July 5, 2016admin
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I’m not really sure I can pick a favourite from the 1950s, the pulled in waist and full skirt or the slim fitting pencil skirt. These are the iconic look of 1950s fashion.

For me this look fits any body shape especially those with curves!

It’s hard to forget that this fashion era started with rationing which didn’t end until 1958 so expressing yourself through your clothes was really important to people.

At the end of the era the country had changed with many households buying items such as television sets and many finding they had some form of disposable income with women also entering the workforce.


The style

Full Skirts were very popular, these were worn with layers and layers of petticoats in order to lift the skirt.  They were mostly mid-calf so very flattering.  The petticoat itself was made from net which provided extra stiffness.

1950s full skirts

Pencil skirts were the opposite from the full skirt with it being very close fitting and straight to the point it restricted walking movements!  This style also influenced pencil style dresses which became popular.  This look certainly is very sophisticated.  Don’t you think?

1546673 014

A more relaxed look was the ‘sweater girl’.  While this started in the 1940s it continued in to the 1950s.  The original was somewhat peculiar looking as it was won with what was a bullet bra, making it look a bit comical to me!

sweater girl look

If you are inspired by the look why not start with a few accessories such as red lipstick, a belt that cinches in your waist and a chiffon scarf.  That way you can try these out before moving in to more expensive pieces such as pencil skirts!

If you want to add to your coffee table books, this one I can recommend:


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