Vintage Fashion: Learning about 1960s Fashion

Vintage Fashion: Learning about 1960s Fashion
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The fashion of the 1960s I could sum in in a decade of two halves!  At the start of the era the fashion icon of the time was the beautiful Jackie Kennedy with her perfectly tailored outfits, dresses and of course white pearls.  Towards the end of the sixties fashion and icons move on to super model Twiggy and the idea that “there is no such thing as too short”!

The style of Jackie Kennedy was clean, it was well fitted and everything matched perfectly.  The dresses were collarless, jackets had one very large button, these were also the times of what I like – sensible flat shoes!  She was such an icon that many women emulated her style and still do today.

Following in the footsteps of Jackie Kennedy as a fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot became the icon that women looked to for fashion inspiration.  Funnily she was the complete opposite of Jackie, her pink gingham A-line dress with the tiny waste is still copied today.

Someone else who had an influence at the time was Mary Quant, with her bold and colourful prints, leading the way for ‘mod’ culture.  It was a time where fashion was seen to be fun and youthful.

You can’t mention 60’s fashion without including Twiggy.  She was a successful model and worked very closely with Mary Quant.  Her youthful look drove the fashion trends of the sixties, it was a time of mini-dresses and Mary Jane shoes, and it seemed that young people had found a voice through their fashion, not to mention the influence from American culture.

As mentioned in my article on 50’s fashion, the full skirt did travel to the sixties but it didn’t last very long and indeed the pencil dress of the 50’s turned in to the ‘shift dress’ during this period.

How much confidence a woman had was reflected in how short their dress was which also hinted at the sexual liberation women were going through during that time.

It was a time of pop art so the colours and prints matched, checkerboard, stripes, polka dots, colour blocks to name but a few.

It certainly seemed like a fun decade of colours, I hope you find the following photos interesting:

bridget bardot wedding dress jackie kennedy mary quant fashion twiggy

To learn more about 1960’s fashion in Britain why not try these books for more inspiration



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