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It can be daunting coming up with date ideas especially when you are just looking for that special someone or if you are looking for a date.  First you have to find the right person.  It can be difficult but there are so many dating sites out there.  Some are national but some are also local. For example, Humberside dating sites,  Nottingham dating sites,   Cambridgeshire dating sites,  Staffordshire dating sites,  or even Isle of Man dating sites

To help you if you are just starting out on the dating scene again I have come up with some general date ideas which are also budget-friendly.  These are things you can do get you started if you are stuck for ideas.  After all you will want to keep things fresh when you are dating or even if you have been together for a long time.


The first step in this process is to listen to your partner.  Take mental notes of all things they have said they like to do or used to love doing.  That way you will have a list of things that you can draw upon at any time.  It doesn’t have to be big either, it is often the small things that can have the biggest impact on us.  Those small touches that show we have been listening and being thoughtful.


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date ideas

Idea 1:  Go for a Walk


This certainly doesn’t cost any money and sometimes it is the simplier things that make a huge impact!  Take a walk around your neighbourhood and see what you can find.  I know when I did this I found some beautiful churches and we talked about the artchitecture of the buildings and the flowers growing.  This is particularly good when the weather is on your side and it give you a chance to connect with nature and catch up on what you want out of life or how things are going at the moment.

Whatever you talk about getting fresh air is good for you and so is the exercise of walking!  Oh and leave your phone behind if you can too!  This is something you can do on a regular basis too, that down time when it is only the two of you.



date ideas

Idea 2:  Have a picnic

A wonderful and relaxing thing to do is to have a picnic.  It is such a simple yet romantic idea.  You can pack a picnic hamper and take it to a beach or park.  Remember to take a blanket and spend some hours talking, eating and drinking and people watching.  Time certainly does go fast when you people watch!


date ideas

Idea 3:  Play a Game Together

Do you remember when you were young and the fun you had playing games?  Bring that back when you are on a date and play some games.  You can play together or get some friends involved too.  There’s anything from card games, rounders, board games and even Twister!  Now that was fun to play.



These are just a few ideas for date nights, there are so many more.  Whatever you choose to do I do hope it is fun and enjoyable for you.

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