5 Ways to Wear A Vintage Brooch

5 Ways to Wear A Vintage Brooch
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Versatile is one word I use to describe vintage brooches.  So here are 5 fantastic ways to wear that vintage bling brooch.

On your jacket is the most traditional and popular way. It doesn’t have to stop there though, how about styling it in the middle of an outfit or blouse for something unique?

brooch in middle

On a headscarf. Headscarves are just so popular at the moment so add some sparkle for a completely chic and retro style – not to mention being able to hide a bad hair day!

vintage brooch on headscarf

Style it in your hair. You can jazz up a bun immediately by adding glitz and glamour with a brooch.  It is great for all occasions.

vintage brooch in hair

Pin it to your bag. To create a unique and eclectic look add some clashing brooches and styles to a dull handbag.  Instant transformation.

vintage brooch on bag

Turn it in to a necklace. Transform a vintage brooch and necklace and turn it in to a one of a kind piece.  Below you will find some of what I have been working on and you can also own a one of a kind piece, just click on the picture and it will take you to my etsy shop.

vintage necklace

Vintage necklace

Vintage necklace

Vintage necklace







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