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How we treat our skin during autumn and winter determines a lot of things not least how much work we need to do to get it spring/summer ready!  A lot can happen during the cold winter months that are cause for concern, these can be skin dryness, rashes, dull and dried out hair and pale, oh so pale skin.  But if you use the right products coming up to summer you can make sure you are summer ready.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourites as I start to get ready for summer to wear all the wonderful dresses.  I am also starting to buy my summer wardrobe and particularly love all the occasion dresses there are for the summer garden party season which is just around the corner.



Lusso Tan

Lusso tan

Image courtesy of Lusso Tan

I’m pale white.  And while pale is interesting to me, I often need a little help when spring/summer comes along especially when I kick off the boots and start wearing dresses and skirts.  I often think to myself why didn’t I take more care of my skin over the winter?  The Flawless Tanning Mitt and Tan product is really easy to use and gives a lovely glow.  Just the perfect product when you are dressing to impress.


Natural World Range of Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

coconut range

Image courtesy of Natural World


Oh my goodness.  The smell of coconut just takes me back to summer.  This product is no exception.  The smell lasts forever too.  It has made such a different to my hair in the two weeks I have been using it.  They refer to it as superfood for the hair and I agree with them.  It has turned my hair from dull and dry to soft smoother and with a lovely shine!  Just what you need for all occasions in the summer.


Salcura Skincare

Image courtesy of Look Fantastic

My skin has really suffered over this winter.  No wonder since this winter has lasted 6 weeks longer than last!  I was starting to worry that we would never see the sun!  Which is why I high recommend Salcura Skincare.  Bioskin has been developed to fix dry and damaged skin.  I have to say I’m thrilled at the results and you will too for your summer dresses.


Sun care


Image courtesy of SunSense

When you find a brand from Australia specialising in sunscreen you know you have a winner.  After all they have more sun than us!  We all know that we need to product ourselves from UV rays all year round.  Of course we haven’t had much sun yet but I can highly recommend this one.

Skin Solutions with Palmers

palmers skincare

Image courtesy of Boots

How on earth do we manage to get such dry skin over the autumn and winter? Palmers Skin Smoothing Lotion for the whole body can be used from on to keep your skin looking great for all those dresses.  What I love about this product too is that it is ethically sourced cocoa butter and shea butter.  It has certainly helped to replenish my skin and it’s starting to look good enough to take off all the winter layers!

Summer Fragrance

ted baker sweet treats perfume

Image courtesy of John Lewis

Smells are provactive which is why I change my perfume in summer.  I adore the more flower and sweet frangrances so the Ted Baker Sweet Treats range is a must.  The Ella fragrance is an intoxicating cocktail of bergamot and cassis, with orange blossom, jasmine and rose.  Basenotes include sandalwood and vanilla. Polly is more fruity with top notes of soft mandarin, red berries and peach.  Middle notes include white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony. With base notes of vanilla and white musk.  Mia opens with notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant, with rose and freesia, leaving behind a stunning base of patchouli and golden amber.  Honestly these fragrances will put the finishing touches to any outfit.


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