Best Prom Hacks For The Ultimate Night

January 30, 2020admin
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High School Prom has been a famous event for decades. Every year it comes around and tons of teenagers are worrying about what they are going to wear, who they are going with and more.

Enjoying prom should be the most important thing you will be doing and so these hacks will help the night flow smoothly as well as making the lead up to the night smooth and seamless. You never know when you may need these hacks so make sure you favorite the page and save it for later.

A great starting point would be to get your prom dress sorted. You can start looking at the dresses available at shops nearby such as the Peaches Boutique prom dresses selection for 2020. The shop is a great place to start and will really help you gage what kind of style and design you prefer.


Top Prom Hacks

  1. Make-Up Removal – You’ve been spending ages on your make-up and have ran over time. Your date or your friends ring your doorbell and suddenly you’re in a flurry. You forget you still have foundation on your hands as you touch your dress. How do you fix it in the nick of time? Shaving cream! Gently dab the stain and after the cream has soaked up, clean it away.


  1. The Leg Shine Hack – Having shiny legs doesn’t come overnight. If you want a touchup, you just need a bit of hairspray then spray it onto your legs. The shine will stay the whole night long.



  1. Shoes Hack – If your shoes are slipping off and need a little extra grip, once again hairspray does the trick. Spray it on the bottom and leave it to dry for a while. When the spray dries, you should have more shoe security.


  1. Last-Minute Spot Drama – Zits come when you least expect them. If you have one on the night or day of prom, use ice and hold it on there for 2 minutes. Get some anti-redness cream or drops and then apply concealer on it.


  1. A Phone Case With A Selfie Light – This way you can take as many selfies as you want even when the lighting is terrible. On the dancefloor or outdoors, this will literally save your night.


  1. Remember To Practice Your Make-Up – Make-up trial runs are a must if you don’t want to run out of ideas on the last minute. Remember that department stores may do free make-up trials and sessions so you can get a good idea of what kind of look you want to go for.


  1. For The Perfect Eyeliner – Use a throwaway flosser to give you practically perfect wings that frame your eyes beautifully


  1. Tanning Hacks – The fake tan hack must be done cautiously as too much can look odd and unnatural. All you need is some body cream and a couple of spoons of cocoa powder and mix them into a pot. This will give you a more natural bronze shade once you put it on your skin.




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