Are you brushing shoulders with Royals this weekend?

May 17, 2018admin
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So are you all set for the Royal Wedding?  Or are you one of the 2,640 lucky members of the public that have received invitations to attend the big day?  The upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will certainly be the event of the year.  Of course before the wedding there is the engagement.  Let’s face it we would all be delighted to choose from a selection of luxury engagement rings from the likes of Angelica Diamonds.  However if aren’t going to the Royal Wedding but another one this summer, below are some ideas to inspire you.





This year the spring and summer collections are full of bold patterns and colour.  However, you don’t want to clash with the bride at a wedding so while you can go for colour, it’s best to take inspiration from designers without clashing.


Vintage-look florals are going to be so on trend this season, as spotted on Edrem and Dolce & Gabanna models. You can use this for inspiration on choosing a dress with a small floral print.  Flowers are ideal for spring and are suitable for a print for a wedding.


If you’re feeling bolder, Valentino’s collection is all about contrast — subtle pastel pinks contrasted with yellow flowers. Some designers were combining red and pink (an unlikely combination) in their garments, creating a colour palette that we really aren’t used to. Nina Ricci is embracing fringe and tassels, which are perfect for a dressy outfit. Choose a spring dress with tasselled sleeves for something a bit different. Indeed, these subtle colours are also coming through home accessories too!


For the evening reception opt for glitz and glam.  Adding sparkle is a must – you don’t have to wait until Christmas or New Year!




Sleeveless dresses are very ‘in’ this season. Combined with ruffled shoulders, the spring dress is classy whilst remaining very modern. Showing your curves is hot this season too, with nipped waists and belted over shirts.


For a wedding choose something understated to show off your silhouette or choose a soft-tailored coat to keep your arms warm during the day and de-layer when you head to the dancefloor.


Feathers are predicted to be a popular adornment this season. If you’re not a huge feather fan, why not choose a feathered clutch or peacock style crossbody bag to add some texture to your outfit?


When it comes to choosing which floral print you want to wear, don’t be afraid to take inspiration right back from my favourite era the 1930s. Style a few prints and see which you feel comfortable in — pair with a delicate sandal to complete the look.


You can always opt for the classic springtime colour of yellow, too. Luxury boutiques have seen sales of yellow dresses spike in recent months and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down! You don’t have to be overly bright in this colour either — choose a more pastel hue and still look on-trend.


So, as we can see, this season is all about floral patterns, cinched waists and pastel hues. Choose a shape that you feel confident in and own it for a wedding this spring.


I hope these tips help you decide on what to wear to a wedding whether that is in Spring or any other time of the year.  I’d love to know what you think of these tips.






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