Eye on Glamourous Style: Iris Apfel

July 20, 2016admin
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You cannot mention glamourous style without thinking of Iris Apfel.  An interior designer and a true fashion icon.  Her style is so well regarded that The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York premiered an exhibition about her style called Rara Avis which means Rare Bird.

Iris Apfel, fashion icon

Having worked many years in interior design and overseeing the production of historical fabrics, she has worked for many famous people including presidents!

She attributes her massive collection of clothing and jewellery to her mother “My mother worshipped at the alter of accessory and I got the bug.”

Iris Apfel, fashion icon

What truly inspires me about Iris is her carefree attitude, her sense of humour, her style and her age!  She was born in 1921, I just hope I have a tiny bit of her style when I’m that age.

For a short interview with Iris I highly recommend this interview she gave to The New York Times.

Another excellent article can be found in The Guardian  where Iris suggests people like her ‘because she’s different’.  I have to agree with her on that one.  I don’t know many people who could carry off what she wears and the volume of accessories that would weigh down anyone.

I have also found this inspiring book, you may want to have a look at:

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