Fashion Hacks to keep you warm this winter season

January 9, 2019admin
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It is so difficult to survive the winter and stay stylish.  I can remember last year that the winter seemed to go on forever!  Finding fashionable clothes can be difficult so hopefully the following fashion hacks will make your life easier for finding items that are both quality and stylish.  Let me know what you think of them and if you decide to purchase any.

Image courtesy of ODS Designer Clothing

Go for broke with your coat

One thing you can be sure of, investing a coat which is warm and stylish should be a top priority.  I would certainly recommend these Froccella women’s coats.  You’ll wonder how you lived without one which you get it! Froccella coats are by a Dutch designer internationally renowned for their otherwear.  This is a key thing as they are well equipped to provide you with a coat that is made for winter.

ODS Designer Clothing

Upgrade your scarf

You can always layer up in the winter.  You need to embrace scarves to keep your neck and chest warm!  This women’s Vivienne Westwood scarf comes up trumps which is wonderfully soft and warm.  It will help you retain heat around your neck and chest.

Image courtesy of ODS Designer Clothing

Go stylish with gloves

It’s easy to lose gloves each season, but if you opt for fashionable ones that you spend a little money on you will certainly not want to misplace them!  These stunning gloves from Ted Baker are just the thing which are practical, offer full warmth and are a must have for the cold weather. 

Image courtesy of ODS Designer Clothing

Layer-up in luxury

A stunning jumper over a dress is an ideal way of getting some heat during the winter!  This stunning jumper from Ted Baker in black is just the thing to cover most of your dresses.  You can even take a summer maxi dress and add a black jumper to wear during winter!  You will be guaranteed to never feel those biting temperatures like you used to with layer a jumper over a dress.

Warm your head!

Frozen heads are impossible to ignore when the temperature plummets so keeping it warm is a must.  You can opt for this stunning bobble hat that will keep your head all warm and cozy!  

I hope these fashion hacks have given you some inspiration.  When it’s cold it is often the thing to just wear the same thing and something that is comfortable rather than comfortable and stylish.  However you can still be warm and stylish with these tips.  Above I have shared with you some of my favourites which are just the thing for the cold season clothing starting!

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