Five Tips on How to Get Beauty Products

February 16, 2021admin
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Shopping for beauty products are only with a few insider tips and a friendly smile and completely guilt free.

We are always looking for ways in which we can save on weight with our commuting bags; this is how we decided to take on a small challenge. In the spirit of proving that saving weight can also lead to saving money, our team member Hannah was sent off on a beauty blag. This is how she fared…

Never one to step away from I challenge, the chance of being able to spend the morning on a shopping spree at some of the most prestigious department stores in London, completely guilt-free was something I jumped at. My dispatch was to acquire anything that was `light’ and `free’ from these luxurious counters. In order to guarantee that I walked away with a lot of goodies, I knew I had to do some serious sweet-talking, I was however confident in my success.

Let’s begin with the fact that freebies are not what they once were. Not that my days were spent collecting sample or anything similar, I do however recall that there was a time in which free mini mascaras and lippies were quite literally thrown at you every time you entered a store. The fact that the foundation is currently on in which only make-up sample are given away was quite disappointing.

As you probably noticed, the top contenders were perfumes as well as body and face lotions. The brands that I walked away with quite spectacular as well: No7, Avène, Caudalie, Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Bioderma. These samples were not only free, their size was also ideal to fit in the space of a commuting bag which as we all know, it quite limited.

If this is a challenge that you too want to take on or even if you merely want to test out products prior to purchasing them, below are five tips that you will find useful in guaranteeing they you walk away with a lifetime supply of lotions, creams and scrubs.

1. Show a Keen Interest

Although this is an obvious point, the key here is that you show them that everything they explain to you about the product is one of the most exciting things you have ever heard. This is something they love!

2. Dress the Part

Beauty consultants are able to spot from a mile away and they love customers who look as if they are able to splash the most cash. I am personally not the glamorous or groomed type; however the extra ten minutes I spent in front of the mirror prior to heading out was definitely worth it.

3. Carry Some Makeup Wipes With You

Nothing in this life is completely free. Unfortunately, the thing that beauty counter assistants love the most is trying out their `new looks´ on any one who will let them. The bigger the deal you make about the fluorescent teal eye shadow they are smothering on you, the higher rate of success is guaranteed. However, before heading to your next counter, it is best to leave yourself with a blank canvas.

4. Be Genuinely Friendly

Sweetening up the beauty consultants prior to them giving into our request can take a bit of work; an absolute must will be some friendly female chit chat.

5. Familiarize Yourself with the Brand

Not only will this score you some points with the sales assistant, but remembering that the best freebies are usually part of promotions which are seasonal. It is helpful to check online and to see when these will be around and plan your purchases around those dates.

Yes, it did take me a couple of hours; however the loot that I walked away with was definitely worth my time. If this weekend you plan on heading out on the beauty blag, take some time and share your success stories with us!

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