Living Life Your Way: Simple Clothes Signify a Creative Lifestyle

December 18, 2020admin
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While it can be fun to dress in the hottest fashions fresh off the runway, it can also be expensive, time-consuming, and stifle a creative soul. Most free spirits like to dress simply and comfortably because it allows them to show off to the world who they really are. Their clothing says they are one of a kind, they are comfortable with themselves, and their clothing is both fun and fabulous.

Save Some Time with Creative Clothes

Most women spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning, just to end up looking like a clone of all their friends. When the style goal is high fashion and strict professionalism, colors and styles have to coordinate. A benefit of a creative lifestyle is that it’s much easier to mix and match the pieces, as there are no rules when it comes to what pieces match what. Creative souls aren’t afraid to throw on a fun skirt and an old t-shirt and go. In fact, one can find hippie skirts here that go with plain colored shirts, band t-shirts, plaid, or whatever the artist chooses to style with them. Wearing hippie skirts can guarantee that no one else will show up in the same outfit.

Creative Clothes are Affordable

Designer clothes are made to be worn and paired with that one single brand of clothing, don’t even think about mixing it up. Because they are expensive, most people can’t afford to fill their entire wardrobe with that one brand, leaving them with less to wear and an empty wallet. Simple clothes are usually good basic pieces that can be mixed and matched with any brand. They’re also much more affordable than designer labels. Hippie skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and big flowy dresses can be found for the free spirit and they won’t break the artist’s bank.

Simple Yet Creative Clothing Can Last a Lifetime

Designer brands are made to be worn for one season, don’t even try to get away with wearing last year’s tops. Only being able to wear clothes for a single season, or a year at most really drives up the price in the long run. The owner has to constantly replace what goes of style with new pieces, and buy the latest pieces just to fit in with other women who wear that brand. Simple clothing can be worn year after year, as the styles are timeless and classic. How many people still wear a sweater they bought ten years before? With this type of clothing, a person can wear their favorite sweater or hippie dress for the rest of their life, or until it wears out.

Creative Clothing is an All-Around Win

In conclusion, creative clothes allow an old soul or a free spirit to show off her inner self. She won’t look like her friends because her look will be uniquely hers. She will also save money on clothing, as the pieces she purchases now can be worn year after year without judgment. Time will be saved as it’s much easier to mix and match hippie clothes, as there are really no rules. Simple yet creative clothing is fun to shop for and fun to wear. This type of clothing is ultra-affordable in comparison to designer clothes, and they allow the woman who wears them to be unique.

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