Mixing modern and vintage fashion jewellery

Mixing modern and vintage fashion jewellery
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There are times when friends hand me a large bag of costume jewellery that they never get round to wearing.  While the majority of my one off pieces are vintage, I wanted to try and incorporate the modern pieces to try out some new looks.


Another reason was to stop anymore waste going to landfill.  I guess that is one of the reasons why I love vintage – not only do the pieces have a past but they are being reused, again and again.  The ‘green factor’ is so important to me.


Below you will see how I have mixed what is an already stunning necklace with a pendant from the 1950’s.  The collar necklace is very trendy but adding the triangle pendant has added a bit more fun to it.


Vintage and modern necklace


The necklace below I feel has been a complete success.  Though a thoroughly modern piece, adding the 1950’s goddess pendant brings a sense of style and fun and the design is brought to a whole new level.


vintage and modern necklace


I have to admit that I am extremely pleased with these new vintage / modern one of a kind pieces.  It is getting that little bit more difficult finding vintage items, most of my items are now one offs or very limited finds which is why if you see something you like, my advice is to purchase it now before it’s too late!

These lovely pieces can be purchased from my etsy store here.


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