Repurpose, reuse and make your fashion work harder

October 29, 2018admin
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I love to repurpose and reuse as much as possible.  Not only does it help the environment but it also saves money being able to use the same thing several times over.

Recycling has become a buzzword with many of us doing it on a daily basis, in fact most households now have recycling bins provided by our council.  This encourages us to reduce our waste and stop things going to landfill.  However what isn’t as widespread is the knowledge to repurpose and reuse items.  That is what this post is about.

The lovely people at Simply Beach approached me recently as they wanted to gift me an item.  They do so many items such as swimwear. As a blogger we are often asked to review items or we are gifted items to try.  I thought long and hard about what I would like to receive.  While I long for summer holidays and their stunning range of swimwear from different brands such as Melissa Odabash, Ted Baker, Stella McCartney Swim, Heidi Klum, Jo Severin (new in!), Seafolly and many many others were just stunning.  I decided to opt for something that I could use on many occasions and repurpose as and when I needed.

I opted for this lovely Watercult Beach Clutch Bag.

clutch bag

Reusing Basics

The best way to help the environment and your pocket is to buy things that you can repurpose when they are not being used.  By reusing and repurposing things, you cut down on the amount of material that needs to go to landfills.  It also reduces your budget too which is a plus for me.

beach bag

As you can see this stunning beach bag is ideal when you are on holiday to carry all your sun screens in one place.  It’s also great to keep them away from getting covered in sand too!

Since I’m not heading off to the sun until next year, I am going to use the beach clutch bag as a cosmetics bag in the meantime.  It’s a great size for taking all the items you normally need to touch up during the day.  It’s a handy size for your handbag too.  As you can see from the picture below there is plenty of room for all your essentials.

Another option is to use it for storing my jewellery.  It’s so easy to get creative and repurpose and reuse items.

You can repurpose and reuse anything, this is just one example of a stunning beach clutch bag that I decided to make work hard for me.  So why not get creative yourself, and the next time you are going to purchase something, ask yourself what you can repurpose and reuse it for in many different ways.

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