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Life can be pretty hectic at times.  We often get caught up in the merry-go-round and forget to slow down or get off completely while we take a break.  If you are anything like me then you often forget to take care of yourself.


There are always 101 excuses for not spending the time I need to slow down and take a breath.  I’m too busy, I’m exhausted, I’ve the housework to do, I’m just going to watch the end of this programme.  And so the list goes on.


We can often get caught up in the cycle of trying to meet excessive expectations, especially us women and mothers.  We often find ourselves having to juggle many different balls in the air often at the expense of becoming stressed.


self care

While we are busy running around juggling those balls, we often forget to pause.  Pause for ourselves, to look after ourselves and to be thankful for what we have.


Self-care is so important and should be something that is done on a regular basis.   I can attest to it being the best thing you can do.  It not only refreshes you but does make life less stressful.  The little self-care habits may be small but they have helped me emotionally, physically and mentally.


Below I have listed a few self-care activities you can do on a regular basis.  You only need a short amount of time for these.  I can assure you that if you do these on a regular basis they will most certainly improve your mind, your body and your soul!


Light a Candle

This small ritual is so relaxing.  Whether you light a candle when you are having a bath or sitting down with a cup of tea, this ritual is so easy.  When you light your candle, give thanks for all the wonderful things from that day.  I want to introduce you to candles from The Chapel.  These are designed by the lovely Amanda.  Amanda believes that too often these days we mistake a hectic schedule for a full life, she believes that the time that truly belongs to us is the moment when we pause and sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to be still to ignite our imagination and give us the chance to think about what’s really important in our lives.  She’s released a range of candles, hand creams and fragrances to take this message out to everyone, encouraging people to slow down and be in their own moment.  Please visit The Chapel and read Amanda’s story, it is so inspirational.


self care


Unplug for an hour

We always seem to be connected.  Not only that we are often expected to be available 24/7.  I have committed to switching off my mobile when I travel the 60 minutes on the train to work each day.  I often just day dream and look out the window.  It’s beautiful and refreshing just spending time looking at the scenery.  Why not give yourself a break from your phone too?


Be Mindful of Your Mind & Body

Give your body the attention it needs.  Be mindful of what is going on and try the body scan technique which relaxes your mind and body.  You also get the opportunity to lie down – which is a great thing!  You could also do a quick meditation routine.  There are tonnes of apps out there to help you.  Just give your body and mind the attention it deserves.


self care

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I love to laugh.  Especially those real belly laughs.  The laughter that has tears streaming down your face.  Why not watch a comedy on TV, or reminisce about something funny that happened recently or a while ago.  Or how about laughter yoga?  Just start laughing and see where it takes you!



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Have a Spa Day at Home

You don’t need to splash out the cash for a relaxing spa day.  You can do it from home.  Have a long bubble bath, sit around in your robe, do your nails and read some magazines.  You could even have your partner massage your back too.  Remember to turn off your phone too if you really want some time to yourself.



self care

I do hope these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to give your own self-care some help.  Remember to be delight in the small things that happen around you and pause and give thanks too.  Little by little you will connect better to those around you and begin to heal your mind, body and soul.


I’d love to know which of these is your favourite or if you have other ideas for self-care?



Find you don't have time for self-care? These simple practices will help and have you refreshed in no time at all. #selfcare

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