Tips for choosing the perfect wedding venue

June 18, 2019admin
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Selecting a wedding venue can be a very difficult choice to make and one of the biggest decisions you make as it involves location, room, budget, decor and the food on offer.  Below here are some of the tips I want to share with you to make sure you choose a wedding venue which is perfect for your needs.


1. Decide on the numbers you want to invite for your wedding day

This will help you decide on the size of venue you need.  All venues will have a website and they will let you know how many people fit in a room depending on how you lay it out.  This is the guest count maximum and of course there are some you will need to rule out if you have a minimum too as you don’t want your room to look empty.

2. Since dates can book up quickly at popular venues, call around to check on date availability

This will give you an idea of what is available.  If you do want a specific venue due to the location and decor then I would book well in advance, for example the likes of  Notley Abbey  is a stunning location and if you really want such a beautiful setting then booking well in advance is recommended.

3. Figure out your budget.

Sit down and work out what you want to spend on your venue.  Again this will determination location and food on offer.  You could decide to spend more on the location and cut back on food costs or the other way round if you have a tight budget.  However do your homework and be prepared to compromise if a place is outside your budget.

There are other ways to save costs if the venue is top of your list so work out how you will do this such as making your own bouquets or asking a relative to make your cake.

4. Check out blogs/wedding planners

Blogs are a great source of information so search to see if someone has used your preferred venue before and what they thought about it.  Also search to see how to do a wedding on a budget if you need to cut costs.  This task can be especially helpful if you can’t visit the venue until much later but want to book it now.

5. Be flexible with your wedding date

Of course you want to get married when you want to get married.  However, if you really do want a specific venue then being flexible with your wedding date can make all the difference to actually getting the venue and the cost.  You could decide to opt for a specific time of year and be flexible with your date so you can secure your venue of your dreams at a great price too!

6. Don’t get pressured

If you visit a venue and really want it, don’t get pressured to sign on the dotted line right away.  Take your time and think about it.  Walk round the venue on your own and consider how your wedding will look. A reputable company will not pressurise you but give you the space to make your decision.  Of course if they are always booked you can leave a deposit but can cancel a few days later if you change your mind.


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