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Wow, wow and wow again!  I can’t believe at long last I have managed to buy myself a pair of shoes that make my feet feel wonderful.  While I would love my feet to feel like they did when I was a baby – that isn’t going to happen but I believe I am getting close after discovering Hey Dude shoes.


What I discovered

Just a little background.  Discovering I have several hammer toes has been a shock to me!  What’s a hammer toe I hear you ask?  Well it is a toe that is bent because of a weakened muscle.  The weakened muscle then makes the tendons shorter which causes several of my toes to stick up at the knuckle part of the toe!


Consequences of hammer toes

My hammer toes have meant shoes continually rub at the point where the knuckle juts above the rest of the toes.  I have never found a shoe that doesn’t rub – until now of course!  Repeated friction resulting in thickened skin is another consequence.


How I’m trying to fix my hammer toes

The best way to fix hammer toes – apart from surgery is to wear properly fitting shoes.  That is easier said than done.  Have you seen women’s shoes recently?  My feet would not thank you for trying to squeeze them in to pointy shoes.  Just look at your bare feet when they are flat on the ground.  There is no way they are meant to be squashed in to fashion shoes.

Walking on air with Hey Dude

Let me introduce you to Hey Dude!  I came across their website on my search for comfortable and stylish shoes.  This is what Hey Dude say about their shoes:

“Just a bambino in the footwear world, Hey Dude was spawned in to existence in the noughties with an ethos to provide comfortable, lightweight and durable footwear for all by redefining the fundamentals of footwear construction.  The principles haven’t changed from the original concept of using carefully chosen materials to make quality footwear – combining a metal-free, patented EVA sole with durable material uppers has allowed Hey Dude to continue to innovate and stimulate the footwear industry. Dude’s addictive comfort will keep you coming back for more – just try it for yourself.”

It is the metal-free, patented EVA sole and ability to craft shoes that are comfortable to wear that has me hooked on Hey Dude Shoes.  It really is like walking on air.  But don’t take my word for it, have a wee look at their website here to see for yourself.

Happy Feet 😉

Elf x




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