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There are times when I just want to wear denim to work.  Although having presentation and meetings isn’t normally the place to wear denim.  Of course if you have casual Friday then that’s ok.

If you would like to wear denim to work then I have a few tips for you.  These tips are for wearing denim and still look professional.


Try a darker shade of jeans

Wearing a darker shade of jeans will provide you with a more professional look.  Have a look at these Citizens of Humanity Liya Jeans in darker wash.  The lighter you go the more causal the jean so choose dark blue or black instead.  You could also opt for wide-leg denim trousers with a nice white crisp shirt.  You could also choose high waisted and mid-rise styles too.


Wear a blazer

A tailored blazer will pull your outfit together and will make you look more professional even if you are wearing jeans.  The blazer choice is up to you.  You could opt for a fitted black classic blazer or try out a longer line one.  Try a few and see what works best for you.


Don’t go for flip flops or other shoes you would wear on a weekend.  Instead opt for shoes that you would normally wear to the office.  You could opt for your normal heels or perhaps wedges.


Beware of ripped jeans and other distressed denim

There really is no way of making ripped jeans or distressed denim professional – sorry!  They are deemed too causual.  Yes they may be the height of fashion and your friends may love them but they are not professional! Instead opt for the classic denim and leave the ripped and distressed ones for the weekend!


Jeggings are a no-go!

You will not look professional in a pair of jeggings.  Opt for leaving those at home for your weekend too.


The perfect fit

Ensuring your jeans are a perfect fit will make all the difference to the professional look.  It really doesn’t matter on the length but opting for ones that reflect the fashion will blend in well.



Accessorize well

Opting for a button down shirt is also very stylish and professional but you could also add some simple jewellery too such as a stylish watch, a stunning necklace or a leather handbag.  These are a must if you opt for wearing jeans to the office.


Alternatives to jeans

If you don’t want to go down the jeans route, you could also opt for other denim outfits.   From stylish indigo culottes to denim maxi dresses, bringing denim to the office can keep you fashionable and well-dressed.


Your office may only allow you to wear jeans on casual Fridays but you could test that out by opting to wear a denim dress to see how it goes.  Whatever options are available to you, you can still wear your beloved jeans by using the above tips for making them look more professional.  It will also show off your own personal and individual style while still looking professional and chic.



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