4 ways to pimp your G&T this weekend

August 21, 2018admin
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It wouldn’t be the start of a weekend without a well deserved glass of gin and tonic.  But something so simple can turn out badly if you don’t use the right ingredients or if you just slap everything together in a glass without thinking!  I want to share with you four ways to pimp your G&T this weekend that will take your ever so simple G&T to the next level G&T.  It will make the start to the weekend so special that you won’t want it to end!  So let’s go and get this G&T party started!


  • For your G&T of course you need Gin – of course we know Gin has had a revival and there are some stunning craft gins on the market.  But which one do you choose?  Well you can take the guess work out of that by opting for a Gin Gift from Popaball who have taken all the guess work out of your gin dilemma.  So go explore this delicious range to ensure you get the most exciting gins on the market.
  • Let’s raise a Glass – Oh don’t just go for any old glass.  You have to choose the most appropriate glass.  Leave the high ball glass in the cupboard and instead opt for a wine glass.  It will allow your G&T to stay cooler for longer if you hold it by the stem.  Also the wide brim of the glass means the gin and tonic will infuse and let the aroma take hold.  Oh how I wish there was smell -o- vision!


gin glass

  • Let your Gin Shimmer – want to make your G&T even more special?  Now you ca with Popaball Shimmer Power for Gin!  You can opt for a few flavours and colours such as Blueberry Flavour Blue Pearl Shimmer. All you have to do is sprinkle some of the powder in to your G&T and just watch your gin sparkle and taste of blueberry!
  • Ice, Ice, Baby – Don’t be going for little ice cubes.  Make a statement with your ice too.  Freeze some water in a large tub and then when  you need ice, use a tiny ice pick so that irregular pieces break off for your gin.  Don’t conform with your ice.  Make it special after all this is to pimp up that G&T.

Nothing beats the cool and the classic drink than a G&T.  It doesn’t have to be party season to enjoy one.  The right glass, the gin, the tonic, ice cubes and Popaball and  you are ready for the perfect cocktail.  I do hope that you enjoy your G&T whatever you are up to.  I think the above are really clever twists to ensure that your G&T is brought to a whole new level of deliciousness and you get the party started this weekend.


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