Time for Tea? Review of Wise Owl Tea

Time for Tea?  Review of Wise Owl Tea
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I was so delighted to receive my samples of Wise Owl Tea through the post* that’s because of two things, firstly any excuse to use my vintage china and secondly the quality of Wise Owl Tea is very much evident.

Sunday morning is always a slow start for me, I adore having a lie in and taking my time at getting to work so to waken me up I decided to opt for the Organic Jamaican Lemongrass.

Upon opening you see a wonderful piece of art, a silky tea pyramid and inside the beautiful blades of lemongrass and sage.  I’ve tasted several lemongrass blends of tea over the years and nothing can compare you for the pure, vibrant and crisp taste and aroma of this blend of Wise Owl Tea.

While the lemongrass does have a citrusy tone it is accompanied by the depth and warmness of sage working in complete harmony.  Both ingredients seem to enhance each other, creating a taste which is smooth, uplifting and delicious.

What Wise Owl Tea has to say about Jamaican Lemongrass:

“A vibrant blend of Lemongrass and sage. Uplifting and great for a morning brew.  Lemongrass tea is smooth and fragrant, with a soft mouth feel and clean finish. Greatly uplifting, yet naturally caffeine-free.   Sage is relaxing and is sometimes used for nervous, anxious or excitable conditions, for depression where caused by anxiety, and also as a general tonic.  In traditional Chinese medicine Sage is used for menstrual problems, sleep disorders and stomach pains.  Sage Tea has a delicate, smooth, relaxing, refreshing flavour not unlike Lavender, and was believed by the Romans to improve clarity of thought.”

I have to say I absolutely adore this tea.  You don’t have to take my word for it, nip along to the Wise Owl Tea website and you too can buy a remarkable blend of teas to suit your particular tastes.


Elf x



*pr sample


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